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 2010 DB Drag Rules

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2010 DB Drag Rules Empty
PostSubject: 2010 DB Drag Rules   2010 DB Drag Rules Icon_minitime1Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:32 pm


Changes are in MAGENTA. (There are VERY FEW changes.)
Important Change - Seats must remain a minimum of 30 inches from the sensor. See section 3-8.
The Extreme OS restrictions are still being defined. These should be completed shortly.
Existing rules will be enforced more rigorously this season. This is especially true in the Street division. Replacement seats and/or equipment location in some vehicles may need to be addressed. There is no "grandfather" clause.
At some multipoint events, event promoters may combine classes (for award purposes) but award points for correct classification and certified scores. These details are currently being defined.

Good luck in 2010!

Mat Romain
2010 DB Drag Rules Tabann10
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2010 DB Drag Rules
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